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My home is over 7600 feet above sea level in the mountains of California. After 40 years working with “at risk” youth, I now write.

More risk.

"Eggboy", a poem, was in Phoenix, the literary magazine of the University of Tennessee. “Reunion 2009” appeared in the January 2010 issue of Helmet Hair Magazine, The Southern Women's Review had "Grocery Store Heaven" in their February 2010 issue and has "Head to Toe" in the July edition. I have a prose poem "Sierra Autumnal Equinox" on the Black Earth Institute - Planetary Stories site. Long Story Short had "Water" a nonfiction piece in their February issue.

I write grants as a consultant and specialize in nonprofit arts, education and social services groups.

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Meditation on Loss at Passover
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Current Publications 2010

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"Mother had me upstairs," said my mother. "She didn't come down for three weeks."
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Fifteen Minutes

After Reading Shakespeare with the Ninth Graders

Working as a substitute, I had 15 minutes and no lesson so I asked the 9th graders to write on Love and War after reading a passage from "Romeo and Juliet". I never ask my class to do something I would not attempt. Here's my 15 minutes with no editing. Such fun!
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Which side of the road?

Ever thought about tire wear? Not that bored? Well...

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Reunion 2009

General News

Check out my summer adventure “Reunion 2009” in the January 2010 issue of Helmet Hair Magazine.

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Invisible Kids

After reading a New York Times article on homeless teenagers, I found I had to make a comment.