Number 7 of books that blew me away

Where All Light Tends to Go bookWhere All Light Tends to Go by David Joy

Home I came to the South and in some ways, it is as if I never left. That is how this book made me feel. I knew some of these folks in my time - hell, I still know some of them. Jacob McNeely of Cashiers, a small North Carolina mountain town, has only one flickering candle left in the window, his high school love, Maggie. Hip deep in the world of meth dealing presided over by his father; Jacob is set to inherit the “family business.” Maggie can see a different life but can Jacob? I have too many friends who could not, who settled for what they had in hand. Dust to dust. I also was privileged to meet the author; I liked him. I encourage you to read the essay in the Bitter Southerner at:

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