The Challenge

Challenge - something that by its very nature serves as a call to special effort. After a summer of experiences other than formal education, this fall I will be working with the students at Cerro Coso Community College as a librarian and educational support tutor. After getting my feet wet, I'll actually teach online as well - rather than theorize.


How will my previous posts about online instruction look in the face of a real teaching experience? In public education, my classroom experience was far from my college classes. In fact my first teaching observation in a downtown Memphis middle school was my last. The perfumed lady professor who observed me teach took a pill and went home never to return. She told me later, "My dear, you are doing mission work. You have no need of my advice. Of course, I am always here if..." Yeah, right.


I expect I will learn more from working with students than any class but only through the reality of trial and response. Probably, I will wish I paid more attention to my formal classes. What was that she/he said about Jing? I also expect to have a rollicking good time. I always have with students. Hey, I've also finally graduated from high school! I'm working with college students.


Stay tuned.